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Pool Treatment & Equipment Updates

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The water filtration experts at Perfect Pool Water are pleased to partner with Cedar Park pool owners to protect our most precious natural resource. We understand the need to make sure your family is swimming in safe, clean water, as well as the desire to minimize the ravages of Central Texas hard water on costly pool equipment and surfaces. To allow you to achieve both objectives without an unnecessary waste of water, we bring you the Puripool® Process.

This proprietary method enables us to conserve up to 85% of your existing pool water while thoroughly removing total dissolved solids, calcium, excess stabilizer (cyanuric acid), phosphates, nitrates, viruses and more. The result is clear, silky water that feels great, requires less chemicals to maintain, and doesn’t result in mineral scale build-up.

We also specialize in comprehensive evaluation of your pool system, and recommendation and installation of exciting green equipment options. Ask us about our complete line of more eco-friendly pool treatment products!