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Pool Inspections

Serving Austin, Georgetown & Round Rock

You have decided to purchase a new home with a swimming pool.  Let us help you navigate the unknown.  Because not every pool is built the same, our job is to provide you with the reliable information you need to make an informed decision about your purchase. We also provide the peace of mind knowing you’re not just buying a home with just a hole in the ground.

Residential Pool Inspection Services

A swimming pool is a great investment for your home. There is a sense of confidence in the quality of the swimming pool if you hired the contractor, selected the materials and design, and create your own pool. But, what if you are purchasing a home with an existing pool? How would you know if the pool is working as intended? Are there any repairs needed? Perfect Pool Water offers residential and commercial pool inspection services to put your mind at ease.

The inspection we perform is a visual and operational inspection of the pool and equipment.  After our inspection is completed, we provide a report with repair recommendations and referrals to capable companies.

An average inspection takes about an hour and the fee is due upon completion and submission of the pool inspection report.

We do not make any repairs during an inspection nor do we perform any pressure testing of plumbing lines as part of an inspection. If there is reason to suspect underground lines are leaking we would make the recommendation to perform pressure testing. If you choose to call us or even for a recommendation, we are happy to provide you with other companies to get multiple quotes for whatever the need is.

Austin, TX Pool School

We can also provide the DIY’ers with an in depth pool school to help you understand your new pool. We offer educational services in the Austin, Georgetown and Round Rock area.

For more information or to schedule your pool inspection, contact us today.