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About ‘The Puripool™ Process’

When you invest with Perfect Pool Water, not only are you recognizing the importance of water conservation and less chemical demand, you’re also putting your family first. Perfect Pool Water is dedicated to providing you with a swimming pool that is clean, safe and healthy for your entire family.

Why should you hassle with pumping water from your pool only to have to pay for the refill and then try to figure out the complicated chemical regimen needed to rebalance your pool when Perfect Pool Water can take care of it for you?

In less than a day, Perfect Pool Water can filter your pool water using The Puripool Process, providing you a clean, fresh pool you can enjoy without the harsh chemicals. Make the call to give your pool the proper care it deserves and start enjoying the many benefits of The Puripool Process. You’ll be glad you did.


‘The Puripool™ Process’

So what does The Puripool™ Process entail? It allows us to remove the total dissolved solids, calcium, excess stabilizer (cyanuric acid), phosphates, nitrates, viruses and more from your water, leaving you with clean, healthy water. Throughout the entire process, we are also able to conserve nearly 85 percent of your existing pool water, saving you the time and money it would cost to refill.

Over time, as pool water evaporates, it becomes less sanitary, leaving you enjoying water with a less than stellar reputation. You deserve, and will benefit from, soaking in water that’s as pure as bottled drinking water.

Perfect Pool Water is able to provide The Puripool Process on both residential and commercial pool applications. Contact us to start The Puripool Process today so you can start enjoying cleaner, fresher water tomorrow.