Central Texas is notorious for having hard water, which over time can wreak havoc on your pool and your pools equipment. High Calcium levels affect water chemistry and cause build up of calcium or scale on your plaster, stone and tile. Perfect Pool Water’s Puripool Process allows me to purify your pool water, stripping high levels of unwanted impurities leaving you with the healthiest, cleanest and safest water possible for you, your family and your pool.

Chemicals play a vital role in sanitizing pool water. Over time, CYA, chlorine stabilizer or conditioner levels and Total dissolved solids or TDS increase. As these levels increase, it becomes more work to maintain healthy water, and you’ll find yourself increasing chemical usage. When you purify your pool with the Puripool Process, you’re able to reduce CYA levels, as well as chlorine usage. The Puripool Process maximizes your chlorine’s effectiveness, allowing you to reduce the amount of chlorine you’re used to using, ultimately saving you money as well.

Typical cost for the Puripool Process is ~$600. Higher prices may be quoted due to access and travel distance. New weekly maintenance clients may receive a 30-50% discount.